Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our First Skype Meeting

So, today we skyped with Lisa and her family!  It was just a little awkward, and I was a little nervous, but we got through it just fine!  It was the first time we had ever used skype, and our internet connection wasn't the greatest, but it was great to hear her voice and meet her parents!!  They are such a cute & thoughtful family!  I am so happy with our choice in Exchange Students!  I think that the Lord really had his hand in this match!  So perfect!  It is so cute to see how excited Lisa is to come to America!  We take so much for granted here!  I am sure we will be reminded of those things even more when she arrives!

Unfortunately, I don't know how to add pictures to this blog yet...but Lisa assured me that she would help me when she arrives in just a little over 19 days!!  UGH...19 LONG DAYS!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 5, 2011

Well, I decided to start a family blog today!  After chatting with our Exchange Student who will arrive from Germany on August 27, I suggested to her that she start a blog to document her new experiences.  She told me that she already had!  Then, I thought to myself...why not start a blog myself to document our lives and our new experiences being an Exchange Student Host Family for the first time!  So, here goes!  Hopefully I will keep up with this!  I always have good intentions, but most times, never follow through!  I will try to remember to post more tomorrow about how & why we became a host family and a little about our first student, Lisa!  We are going to skype with Lisa and her parents tomorrow, so I am sure I will have lots to post about that!